These are tools that I use, have used and recommend to help you grow, run and optimize your business, visualize your space and promote your property.

With Each of the tools listed I provide a short honest opinion of the service or product, and what its best used for based on my experience with it.

Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase after clicking, I will earn a commission that comes at no extra cost to you. I have experience with all of the companies below, and I recommend them because they have been valuable to me, my businesses and my design projects. I want to share this value with you not for the commision but because I want you to succeed and elevate your business. If you feel that these products and companies are not valuable to you please do not purchase and feel free to contact me with any relevant products you think that I should add to the list that exceed the value of those listed. 

Web Hosting


One of The Best + Most Used Hosting Services. Great Service + User-Friendly Interface. They’re always improving their platform which is definitely seperates them from the pack. 


Easy to use Interface. Simple Solution With Great Hosting Packages. This is definitely for someone who is looking for a hosting solution built to scale from the start. 


Cover Wallet

Easy to Use Interface. You can review dozens of quotes and get insured in minutes. Overall, the first time I used them I was insured within a day. Took a little bit longer to find the right company because I needed a specialized policy but they have excellent customer service! Excellent!

Legal Zoom

Legal Zoom is great for incorporating your business, trademarking and legal docs. Although I’ve used it mostly for trademarking their customer service is great and their interface is very user friendly. 

Web Design

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes has a host of themes and tools for wordpress sites. Their popular theme Divi you’ve probably heard of. It is what I use on all my projects, and what I used to use for clients when I was developing full time. I still recommend Elegant Themes for all of my clients for their business pages. Divi is an unbelievable robust framework that is virtually limitless and worth every penny.  


Although leadPages is most often used for creating funnels and landing pages, I have exclusively used this for businesses that require a simple and straight forward website with minimal requirement for multiple pages. Lots of options. Easy-to-use. 

Interior Design

Design Files

Designfiles is a great tool for concepting interiors and furniture layouts with real products. You can create shopping lists, mood boards, and even handle sales and client communication. Although I use this tool for client work, this could be a great asset for flippers or agents looking for a design tool for interiors. the value of the design tools is outstanding and worth the ease of use and time saving it provides you. So whether your a designer or a real estate professional DesignFiles can help you scale your business without a doubt. 


Unbelievable Free tool. 2d + 3d floor plans, Huge furniture library, Panoramic rendering views, Intuitive interface. 


30 x 40 Design Workshop

In addition to being an award winning architect Eric Reinholdt is an unmatched resource in the architectural design community. his videos, tutuorials and books are second to none. Whether your an aspiring building designer, a seasoned architect or a real estate professional the information that he produces will be valuable to you without a doubt!

Chief Architect

Although I’ve used AutoDesk products like Revit and AutoCad, Chief Architect is still my favorite. Partly because I don’t do much besides 3d floorplans and simple modeling these days, and partly because the interface is a bit faster to navigate. All mentioned options have great workflows between 3d modeling and plan generation but chief Architect for me as a designer who designs homes as a whole including interiors and outdoor spaces, not just structural plans and models It works well for me, and I would strongly recommend it. 

Real Estate


Fantastic resource that makes finding codes and regulations for each state easy. This is a must have tool for any developer, firm, or construction company. 

Print On Demand


Printify is one of the best Print-On-Demand comapnies I’ve used. They have great customer service and are constantly improving their platform and product catalog. 

Graphic Design


Unless You’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of photoshop and the other products like Illustrator and Lightroom. The Adobe Suite has been a backbone to my work for at least 12 years. It is a must for anyone doing consistent design, visual or audio production work. 


Canva is an easy socially integrated digital production app. It allows you to design expert looking visualizations and upload them directly to your social accounts. Even though I use adobe products daily, I still use canva for fast social posts and facebook/instagram ad creation. 

E-Book Tools

DIY Book Cover Design

Super easy and free book cover generator. High qaulity jpegs with multiple image templates.

Payment Tools


In my opinion these guys are #1 in payment processors and are the priority integration for Saas companies when it comes to payment processing. 



Etsy is a growing platform that offers artisans a meaningful place to host their products. I have used Etsy on and off and is becomaing a more valuable tool as they continue to make improvements to the platform and services. 


Death To Stock Photo

Authentic photography and videos. Artistically shot. Great quality. 14 day free-trial. Low membership cost. Worth every penny. 


One of my go-to sites for royalty free stock photos and videos. The library is evergrowing and is constantly updated with great quality images and video. The only thing that i wish they did was allow you to choose photo dimensions before downloading.  


Pixabay is a phenomenal resource. Royalty free high-quality photos, videos, vectors and illusrations.


Pexels is another great site that is full of unique royalty free photos and videos that i use frequently to offset the above mentioned competitors.



#1 music distribution service in my book. I’ve used other services, and while this one is simple and minimal its by far the best on the market. 

Business Books

The Power of Starting Something Stupid

A powerful book for anyone to read, not just entrepreneurs. 

The Thank You Economy

Extremely underrated book that typically gets outshined by Gary’s other great books, but their is tons of wisdom in this book that can be applied in many different ways inany industry.

The Lean Startup

Every business owner, startup or new entrepreneur should read this book. Whether your a seasoned operator or a newbie, you’ll learn how valuable speed to market is. This book emphasizes a very crucial concept that born entrepreneurs enact daily which is that the speed of bringing ideas to the market place to validate business opportunity and the ability to repeat this process and market ideas efficiently is the key to starting, growing, and building a business. 


Acuity Scheduling

Acuity is an invaluable tool that I use in my business every day. 

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