Books By Mike Stagnitta

I write honest books of strategy, musings and contemplations, as companions for your journey in life and in business. Some are part spiritual, part mystical, part motivational, and others are strategic, educational, and tactful.

Soul Work

Illuminate Your Purpose & Uncover Your True Self

This book was written as a set of guiding principles that serve as a tool for self-discovery, actualization of consciousness, and spiritual wellness. Many of the pages in this book are musings, thoughts and declarations, alongside relevant proclamations made by spiritual leaders, contemplative guides, and inspiring people throughout history including, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Alan Watts, Gautama Buddha, Thomas Merton and More. This book is meant in part as inspiration and in part as a starting point for anyone who is heeding the call to self-actualization.

The Evergreen Handbook

Daily Quotes of Enlightenment, Non-Duality, Brahman, Tao & Satori

This book contains over a years worth of daily quotes that have been curated from some of the most influential spiritual and philosophical leaders including, Alan Watts, Carl Jung, Eckhart Tolle, Thomas Merton, Lao Tzu, Deepak Chopra, and Joe Dispenza. These handpicked quotes are meant to open your soul, and center your awareness to the present moment. Use these quotes daily to connect yourself to the truth in them. Allow yourself to experience these quotes as meditation. Live these quotes through consciousness. Take them for what they are and nothing more and nothing less. They are meant keep your mind clear and your purpose illuminated. Connect with these quotes in the deepest of being with pure intention.

The Born Entrepreneur

The Spiritual Philosophy of Business & Our Inherent Vocation

The goal of this book is to awaken your ability to create meaningful businesses through accepting your inherent vocation as an entrepreneur. It is a sort of spiritual guide made for anyone and everyone. For it is, in every person, that I believe the spirit of the entrepreneur exists.

Make Every Day Your Life’s Work

Enlightenment For the Artisans Soul; Musings & Essays on Existence & Omnificence

This book, as others, I have written, is a collection of musings, contemplations, ideas, thoughts and discoveries. It is written in the simplest of formats, with the words left to the page, as they are; simple and true, so that you may connect deeper with their truth.

Eclectic Minimalism

Furniture, Decor, Garden Structures & House Concepts From The workshop

This book is a simple collection of digitized sketches from my various studios and workshops. Some of these drawings were the initial conceptualizations for client work and others were freehand ideas to be built upon. These are not detailed plans, but they may inspire you to create something great!

Be Obsessed With Your Best

How To Be What You Already Are

This book teaches you how to extract the best within yourself, and why its important to understand that you cannot “have” something that you are. This short book is meant to remove self-doubt and shine light on your true self, your best self; YOU!

Creative Roadmapping

How To Creatively Engineer Timeless Solutions & Evergreen Success Through Present Moment Awareness

Creative Roadmapping is a problem-solving framework designed as a way to solve problems while simultaneously engineering evergreen success. Evergreen success is the ability to repeatedly engineer solutions, and is achieved through conscious growth and acceptance of one’s power over presence. This book will help you develop the ability to push through circumstance while learning, adapting and producing actionable steps towards your goals.

Be You & Grow

Inspiration For Entrepreneurs Big & Small

This book is written for free-spirited, strong willed, and creative entrepreneurs of any age who strive to engineer a better future and a better world for all people through their unique endeavors. My hope is that this whimsical book of ideas, and inspiration from my own experience as an entrepreneur from the earliest of times in my life, will help encourage persistence and keep one’s true entrepreneurial self on the path to success.

Breakthrough Branding

Create Compelling Connections

How to build a brand that connects with your customers and creates compelling relationships.

Elevate Your Life

Revitalize. Uncover. Transform

How to reclaim and energize your life for a total foundational renewal of spirit.

Email Marketing Roadmap

Connect. Build. Grow.

How to build a killer email list and build compelling lists that convert prospects to clients.

Hobby Hustle

Pursue Passion. Produce Profits.

How to turn your hobby or side-hustle into a profitable business.

Lead Generation Strategies

Curate. Target. Funnel. 

How to generate targeted leads and build a winning funnels.

Real Estate Investing Essentials

Discover. Evaluate. Secure. Optimize.

Learn basic real estate investing strategies that will help you start closing deals and build a portfolio.

Social Media Mastery

Engage. Share. Connect.

Develop engaging social media campaigns that build deeper customer relationships.

Traffic Tactics

Generate. Educate. Convert.

Learn how to Increase your website traffic with expert tactics and strategies. 

The Better Business Blueprint

Transformational Business Strategies

Over 500 Pages of Expert Digital Strategies. 

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