Mike Stagnitta is a designer, artist, coach, author and advisor to real estate professionals and businesses seekeing expert creative direction. 

Mike Stagnitta is a born entrepreneur, husband, father, author, designer, artist, craftsman, speaker & coach. He has built, developed, designed and sold businesses since he was 15 years old.

In 2012 Mike received his BA from Rutgers University, where he focused on human geography and the dynamics of global culture, economics, and society, while competing in the NCAA as a member of Rutgers’ Division One lacrosse team.

Mike’s design clients have since ranged from nationally recognized brands such as Cabela’s, North Face & Under Armour to mid-size businesses, non-profits, & independent professionals. Before the launch of his coaching services, Mike started an outdoor lifestyle store, multiple restaurants, and a furniture fabrication business specializing in holistic interior design and repurposed decor.

Today Mike is an author of 8 spiritual & philisophical “Best Telling” Books, and a highly sought after designer and creative director, known for his ability to transform spaces, places and brands.

He is an active musician whose released over 30 “eclectic + authentic” songs from multiple albums and continues create and release music on a monthly basis.

Mike operates from his multi-disciplinary design studio, “Stagnitta’s,” that specializes in creating elevating digital products, bespoke goods, awakening interiors, and unparalleled coaching services for businesses, real-estate professionals, and market leaders.


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